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Yogurt for the Win!

Yogurt: it’s more versatile than you think!
Check out these cool ways to get the most from your tub.

1. Use as a baking substitute: Use in place of whole milk, butter or cream.

2. Make a DIY face mask: Mix 2 tbs. yogurt, 1 tsp. honey and 1 tsp. lemon juice. Apply for 15 mins, rinse, and embrace compliments.

3. Pair with our tasty challah bread for some next-level French toast.

4. Up your salad dressing game: Add to olive oil and vinegar for a creamy edge.

5. Marinate your meat: It’s an awesome tenderizer.

6. Make this awesome mango lassi, a classic Indian fruit-n-yogurt drink with fresh mangos. Yum.

7. Freeze it: Popsicle mold + yogurt = froyo on a stick!

8. Go classic with an easy yogurt parfait packed with crunchy granola goodness.