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Looking to navigate the expansive world of supplements and herbal remedies? Our Wellness staff can help. They’re constantly undergoing training, so they can do everything from providing the most up-to-date info about the best cold remedy to understanding innovative alternatives in natural cosmetics. Our goal? To guide you in making the best choices for you and your family—and help you feel pretty darn great in the process.

Winter Wellness

We love lots of things about winter, but runny noses, dry skin, and the general cold weather blahs we could do without. So we asked the experts in our Wellness Department to pick a few of their faves to help with some common winter ailments.

1 • What do you have for a stuffy nose and sore throat?

Grant Park Wellness Manager Justin says: I’m a fan of the WishGarden Serious Cough   because the different dosing options give you control when using it! Repeat dosing every 5 minutes for in-the-moment results, or use in smaller amounts for long-term support over time.

2 • The grey skies are making me feel kinda blah. Can I take something to help me feel more energized?

Woodstock Wellness Manager Katelyn says: Adrenal fatigue is often a major culprit in low energy levels, so go for a supplement that promotes adrenal balance. A favorite of mine is the Gaia Adrenal Health Jump Start formula.

3 • Everyone around me is sick—is there anything that can boost my immune system?

Seven Corners Wellness Manager Linnaea says:  I take Mickelberry Elderberry Honey Tonic every morning to get my immune system prepped for the day.  This tonic contains elderberry, propolis, echinacea, and more to help our immune systems to fight against invaders.