New Seasons Market Labor Relations Q & A - New Seasons Market

Since our founding we’ve been a different kind of grocery store. One that places as much value on taking care of our staff, communities and environment as we do in growing a sustainable and profitable business—and our commitment to these values remains strong! Wanna read more on our progressive grocer practices? Check out what makes us tick.

Recently, a small group of current and former staff members formed a “workers group” to share their labor concerns about New Seasons Market. We’d like to answer a few of the more common questions we’re being asked about this, and the wider question of unionization by New Seasons staff. See our Q&A below, and read an open letter from our CEO Wendy Collie here.

Has New Seasons Market ignored requests for dialogue with union organizers or the workers group?
If a group wants to officially represent our staff, they need to be officially elected and certified by the National Labor Relations Board. The group you’ve seen mentioned in the news hasn’t been through this process and currently comprises only a small fraction of our entire staff. We are communicating directly with those staff to whom we are accountable.

Has New Seasons Market been meeting with staff on their current labor concerns?
Yes. Wendy Collie, CEO, has been meeting directly with current staff members and she will continue to do so on an individual and group basis. She’s also recently communicated with the entire company on this topic. We’re proud of our “speak up” culture, which helps every voice be heard, and we’re committed to continuing this.

Why has New Seasons Market hired the firm Cruz & Associates?
To give objective information to any member of staff who wants it. During the current dialogue, questions have arisen regarding specifics around the National Labor Relations Act and the overall process. As this is unfamiliar territory for us, we hired a consulting firm, Cruz & Associates, to hold voluntary staff information sessions offering objective information. We have more than 3,300 staff members at New Seasons Market and we’re committed to giving each of them the information they need.

Did the firm Cruz & Associates work for Trump?
Years ago, Trump Hotel in Las Vegas (not Donald Trump) reached out to Cruz & Associates for labor relations support. Cruz & Associates has no ties to Donald Trump, anyone in his family or his administration. The brief project was completed in 2015.

Are staff members being asked to refrain from discussing the unionization effort with coworkers?
No. Our staff have the right to make up their own minds on this issue: right now, our priority is giving them the clear, objective information they need to do that. Our managers have also been given guidance on how to support this process.

Has New Seasons Market retaliated against employees involved in unionization efforts?
No. We have a strict no-retaliation policy, and we would never penalize any staff member for expressing their point of view or engaging in legal activity. We follow all labor laws and take our staff livelihood very seriously. We’re open about our shared code of conduct, performance expectations and protocols. Our staff are encouraged to share their ideas with coworkers and management, voice concerns and offer solutions.